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CREDIBILITY gives you the best tools
and allows you to know if:

He Has Had A Good Payment History

You Will Have To Pay The Rent

Has Had Good Conduct Legal

Is The Person Who Claims To Be

Saves Time

By automating the administrative tasks of managing the rentals and leases.

Saves Money

Reduced 80% of the time management of the real estate. Reducing exponentially the lost time tasks under work by increasing productivity and effectiveness in your day-to-day.


Configures credibility for paid automatically, generate and send invoices, assign incidents to suppliers, send automatic alerts and os to notify you of important news.

I'm The Owner

controls the profitability of your real estate and digitizes the documentation

I am a tenant

Download your certficificado of solvency

Credibility is the solution

Through CREDIBILITY , help you select the best tenant for you to take the best decision.

 In CREDIBILITY, we are aware that the verification of the payment of the rental income must be a process automatic and in the case of non-compliance should be deployed mechanisms agile, that's why our services are focused to ensure a experience simple and secure.

What our customers say

Credibility is designed for property managers, farms, and rentals who want to automate, modernize and grow your business.


One of the main problems that we can find at the time of renting our apartment, is to proceed with the operation without knowing the profile late payment of our future tenant. And not is irrelevant. The importance of this aspect is full at the time of hire, as it can put you in serious trouble our investment and our property. 

It is not for less, in recent years, has been generating a great alarm in this sense, and to date, the files of delinquent we show that there exist people who do not pay their rent in the time stated or agreed. Therefore, it is not a fact to be ignored, even more, when it is considered as a problem that is still in force among many of the owners.

Many times the main problem that we have with our rental is able to organize the information. With CREDIBILITY you're going to be able to get a complete management of any rental contract, and not only one, of all contracts, if you have more than one property for rent. The best part is that you can find it all centralized in a tool that month-to-month, you will ask for a confirmation that all your rentals are in order. In case of non-payment, CREDIBILITY will begin to tell you what are the steps to follow to give you solution as soon as possible.

This powerful tool allows you to also manage in a simple way, the update of the income with IPC or ARK, to have assistance with the delivery of all types of communications-certified, as well as supervision on the part of a legal team of first level. In short, it will be your weapons against the delinquent, who united to a powerful experience, will ensure that the yesterday traumatic process of renting a flat is sewing and singing.

To be or not on a list of delinquent does not mean anything, because things can change. In this sense, it is important and relevant so that more comprehensive analysis as the one that provides us with CREDIBILITY. This is a report with a three-pronged analysis that will give you a final score, the value of which will tell you how far someone can get to be delinquent. This is done with the help of different statistical processes, which in the end allow you to know the risk level of a candidate.

Learn numerically the level of risk that is our candidate for a tenant, we can help you to go beyond, and therefore, to detect possible anomalies and risks in the medium and long term. This provides us with tools to be able to make selections much more accurate fit to the profiles solvents that we really want.

Every building is a different world, for its different features, thus being able to evaluate and to level the risk that you may have a delinquent is a good way to get dramatically reduce risks of all unnecessary, with simple but highly necessary prior consultations.

One of the benefits of using a list of delinquent, as the FIM, is just to know if the tenant with which we are at the point of signing a contract debts. Perhaps, it is this concept so simple, is precisely that we provide reliable information about if in the future, the tenant will make his payments in a timely manner.

If a person is registered in a record of delinquency, it is more likely that in the future I may re-produce defaults, in this case, non-payment of rent. So it is generated, without a doubt, a complex situation in which they must intervene lawyers and justice. This can lead to the owner a long and unpleasant before you start the search for new tenants solvents.