Spark Global Investments sl

It was founded as a company dedicated to the Real Estate Big data in 2015, Spark investment with such trade name in the year 2015, after having put professionally within other real estate groups. It is managed by professionals with specific training to handle all types of real estate transactions, with Civil Liability insurance to guarantee the safety, accuracy and transparency of operations, members and experts of AOSIS.
The management team comes from the sectors of telecommunications, data scientist and the world of the audit (Big Four) and sector legal and financial from schools prestigious IESE business school, focused on legaltech and proptech. Very focused to the purchase of stressed assets through the use of technology, particularly in the data science being very innovative in the sector of AI, working for mutual funds and currently managing portfolios with a value of over 15 million Euros.
Recently, in preparation for the project credibiliy to the rental management through artificial intelligence, within the framework of THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE TECHNOLOGICAL OFFER IN DIGITAL CONTENT IN THE FRAMEWORK of THE STRATEGIC ACTION OF ECONOMY AND DIGITAL SOCIETY OF the STATE PROGRAM OF r+D+I.